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Written by leading local HR lawyers, the global HR law website is an essential reference tool for legal counsel and HR professionals internationally.


We also initiate seminar sessions, either or not in collaboration with our colleagues in the field of fiscal and pension law, in which we discuss a current topic and shed some light on the issue coming from the three areas of expertise. The subject matter for the seminars is always based on the latest/current developments and the sessions offer ample room for questions and debate. Following the seminars we offer the opportunity to meet with peers as well as colleagues from our firm and to discuss with them the various topics addressed. 

Global Employment Law Publications

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Within our international alliance Ius Laboris, various international practice groups are active, each with its own subarea of expertise within employment law. Clients periodically receive updates on these specialist subareas, for example by way of handbooks , which our clients may order or download free of costs.




Inhouse training

In consultation with our clients we arrange for tailor-made training, to be conducted in one or several morning, luncheon or afternoon session either on location (client’s offices) or at our own offices. Preceding these sessions, we consult with the client in question about the topics to be addressed. During the workshops, we also provide opportunity to discuss current matters and/or situations. Prior to the training sessions we draw up detailed course material, which the participants may keep for future reference.