Extension parental leave for partners one step closer

28 Sep 2018

Earlier on we already informed you of the intentions, included in the coalition agreement of the cabinet Rutte III, to extend the parental leave for partners. These plans now seem one step closer. Last Wednesday, the Lower House accepted a Bill to implement the Wet Invoering Extra Geboorteverlof (abbreviated to ‘Wieg’, Act Introduction Additional Parental Leave).

Joost Verlaan

Expansion of the parental leave for partners is meant to offer partners a basis to adjust to the presence of a child, the new family structure and the care associated. As of 1 January 2019, the Bill entitles the partner, around the time of birth, to the following rights for a leave: 

  • Right to calamity leave on the day(s) of the birth (therefore paid leave);
  • Right to parental leave for the duration of 5 days (the first two of which shall be in the form of paid leave, whereas the additional leave shall be reimbursed through benefit);

The Bill as of 1 July 2020 furthermore grants the partner the right to take 5 (working) weeks of leave. This leave needs to be taken within 6 months following the birth. The partners’ first week of leave will be on full salary; the subsequent weeks will be covered by benefits in the amount of 70% of the salary.

Apart from parental leave the adoption leave will also be expanded from four weeks of unpaid leave to six weeks. The same goes for foster parents. Please note, this leave is and will be unpaid.

The Act Wieg has not yet been implemented, because the Senate is still to vote on the Bill. Presumably, the Senate will vote on this Bill later this year, since the cabinet Rutte III would like to implement the Act as of 1 January 2019.

Naturally we will keep a close eye on the developments regarding the Act Wieg. Where relevant, we will inform you of any new developments.