Privacy and corona: an interview with Philip Nabben

27 May 2020

Philip Nabben

After a period of strict governmental measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the measures are now slowly being rolled back. A lot of companies that were forced to remain closed, such as restaurants and bars, can start opening their doors little by little. The easing of the lockdown measures also means that employees are slowly getting back to their workplace. The coronavirus however is far from abolished. It is therefore paramount that employers provide a safe working environment for their employees. This duty of care is at odds however with the privacy of the employees and the protection of their personal data. Some employers wish to take their employees' body temperatures for example, in order to check if they have a fever. But is this allowed under the privacy regulations? 

In an interview with BBC News, Philip Nabben discusses this tension that employers are confronted with following the easing of the governmental measures.