House of Representatives accepts the Act Balanced Labour Market

18 Feb 2019

Marieke ten Broeke

In our previous update, we addressed the government’s proposed changes regarding Dutch employment law. On 5 February last, the House of Representatives accepted the proposed changes, with a few amendments:

  • The proposal no longer contains a maximum probationary period of five months in case of an indefinite employment contract;
  • The employment contracts of employees younger than 21 who work up to a maximum of twelve hours per week, are not subject to a high premium with regard to differentiation in premia;
  • A collective bargaining agreement may deviate from the proposed, strict rules regarding on call-employees. Deviation is allowed in case of positions that can only be carried out on a seasonal basis due to climate conditions.

  The proposed changes will now be handled by the Senate. Of course we will keep you informed of fther durevelopments.